Water intrusion can cause significant damage to your home. And the same is true for your home's exterior. If you want to protect your property, the pros at LFC Construction in Murrieta & Wildomar, CA can help. We can seal your exterior concrete features so water won't cause them to break down prematurely. In addition to concrete waterproofing, we also offer deck waterproofing services to help you enjoy your deck for longer.

We use a color coating that can enhance the look of your concrete or deck while sealing out water. Don't leave your property vulnerable to water damage. Contact us today to schedule concrete waterproofing services.

See what our waterproofing services can do for you

There are lots of advantages to waterproofing your exterior features. Waterproofing concrete or decks can:

Make them last longer

Preserve your property value

Tile services

If you need deck waterproofing or concrete waterproofing services, turn to LFC Construction in Wildomar, CA. Call 951-490-5223 today to see how we can help.

Steps to Waterproof Your Deck


Metal Lathing and Base Application


Fiberglass and Resin Application


Fiberglass and Resin Application


Fiberglass and Resin Application


Fiberglass and Resin Application


Screed coat and Base coat


Texture application and Color coat